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Simran Oberoi

Founder, Ovenderful Healthy Baking Community

Big Big Yayy to you! It was such an honour for all of us on the community to have you speak at OMBC Healthy Baking Conference 2019. Everyone of us (and you saw how huge the number was at the conference) loved your session and all your amazing insights on Mindful Eating! I already have folks asking they want to hear more! Thank you so much! You are super awesome, with your positive energy and vibrance!

Manisha Singh

Head of Coaching Practice - SHENOMICS

Here is a testimonial - each word comes straight form the heart :) Sindhujaa was a Guest Expert for our Mentoring Circle, where she spoke about "Powering Up Your Presence". The session was very well received and appreciated. Sindhujaa was very effective in driving home the point that there is a lot that we own and control in the space of our own health, overall wellness and mental well-being. The participants felt deeply inspired to take charge of their wellness and left with concrete actions. What stood out about Sindhujaa's style of delivery was her empowering approach to the subject as well as the willingness to answer questions both during the session as well as later on. I would also like to mention that her research was up to date and it was amazing to see the vast array of topics that she reads about.I highly recommend Sindhujaa for Lifestyle, Nutrition and Wellness coaching!

Prashanti Pallem

Sr, Executive (CR) - Vodafone , Pune

Thank you is just a small word coming from me. You have changed a LIFELESS Soul into a SOUL FULL OF PURPOSE. I had lost hopes after my major accident. YOU made me pull through that wet mud, healing body and mind, and gave my life a makeover! Thank you for your time, patience and so much love - you have healed me completely and strengthened my MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. You have been a true blessing from God in my life!

Krupa J K

Personality Development and NLP Soft Skills Trainer

Mind, body and soul are part of same system. Sindhujaa will help in complementing and improvising all three of these for betterment of life and lifestyle. Small changes for big improvements!!


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