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What does this term mean to you?

I visited a violin concert yesterday. The musician and her music were ONE. She EMBODIED her music, and it was an experience that touched the soul.

I saw Deepika Padukone in person the other day at a star hotel. She swept past with an air of elegance and serenity, parting the sea of people ahead with her very aura. She was GRACE, EMBODIED.

I was watching Mariyappan Thangavelu on TV. India's paralympic Olympic gold medalist. He was run over by a bus when he was a child - leaving one leg permanently stunted. Still, he went on to become India's pride in the Olympics long jump, never once believing himself to be 'disabled'. To me, he is STRENGTH INCARNATE.

In a hypocritical world that is constantly telling you to look for beauty 'inside' and never 'outside', but is still, at every level, OBSESSED with the 'outside' - my views differ.

The outside, cryptically, always reflects the inside.

It ISN'T about the size of your waist. It isn't about how long your nose is, how big your butt is or how clear your skin is. It isn't about your clothes either.

IT IS ABOUT THE OVERALL PERSONALITY - what energy signal you send to people as soon as they look at you.

It is hard to describe. You can SENSE a person's IDENTITY as soon as you look at them. Do they emanate power or victimhood? Do they project strength or weakness? Does their aura feel positive or negative? Will they BOOST your life, or DRAIN your life? It's a personality and energy sensation.

When you have a positive mind - your PERSONALITY outside reflects it - as a radiance on your face.

When you are health-inclined, when you treat your body right, when you nurture yourself with good nutrition and an active lifestyle, your body and PERSONALITY reflect this. And I mean this for people of every age and situation. You may have a health issue or even be differently-abled. But when you are HEALTH-INCLINED, when you choose to make the best of what God has given you, when you do your best to move towards good health in mind and body- you glow, you look sexy, it shines from your PERSONA.

When you choose not to be a victim of circumstances, but dig deep for inner strength, make brave decisions and take back your power - YOU LOOK POWERFUL, EVEN ON THE OUTSIDE. People can see it in your eyes, in the way you smile, in the way you confidently set your jaw, in the way you walk step after step - with the will to conquor. People can SEE this in you.

When you are kind and loving, you will have inner peace, and it will be revealed as an alluring softness in your touch, as gentle beauty in every line of your face, and every curve of your body.

Yes, my friends, my strong heroes hiding behind your well-worn masks! We see through that mask. You are a piece of art, painted in shades of light and dark, inside out, outside in. People will KNOW when they LOOK at you, innately, intuitively, unquestionably.

I only ask that you focus more on the light, so the darkness can recede, and serve to accentuate your beauty instead of covering it up in shadow.

Choose to be strong, inside and out. Choose to be beautiful, inside and out. Believe and work towards your best health, happiness and success.

And your soul will be EMBODIED. The outside reflects the inside!

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