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How to Clear + Raise the Energy of Your Home

Published in The Times of India.

‘Homecoming.’ That’s how I like to describe quarantine. Welcome back to the space you call ‘Home’- an extension of your own energy, personality, story and dreams.

We have carved our space and built our world inside it.

Our home is a collaboration between our spirit and the material plane. Now, we live here, love here, play here, rest here, reflect here and even work here. Our home is the sacred chalice of our existence. A healing zone. A cocoon for metamorphosis. A canvas to splash with the colours of desire. A temple for resurrection.

Have you ever walked into a place of beauty and felt your spirit soar? It might have been a garden or a mountain-top, an architectural wonder or simply someone’s home, a creative studio or sunlit cafe…

Have you also waked into a place and felt your energy fall? Like a hospital humming with it’s wrenching medley of pain, fear and hope… or a graveyard that’s heavy with drafts of loss… or a cobwebby old building peeling with neglect…

Spaces carry energy. You feel the vibe when you walk in. This energy can either heal your spirit or crush you. Not all spaces speak as loudly as hospitals or mountain-tops. The energy is subtle, unconsciously wrapping itself around you, seeping into your body and mind, especially if you are spending long hours and days in there.

When outer structures crumble, inner structures become our sanctuary for well-being. The inner structures of our own heart, body, mind – which are completely reflected by the space we call home. Your home is now giving shape and form to your day.

How does your home make you feel? Is it a happy space, or does it need an energy makeover? Does it make you feel confined, or does it make you feel lovingly held and supported?

This is not about how big your home is or how much luxury it offers. One may live in a mansion which is a hive of low energies. One may live in a hut filled with joy and light. No matter the shape or size of your home, YOU can make it a space of creative beauty and radiant vitality.

Here are 5 easy shifts to invite positive energy into your space:

1) DE-CLUTTER & CLEANSE: The holy grail of energy shifting. You can fill your cup with clear water only after you rid it of old mucky water. Similarly, if you want to invite fresh, revitalizing energy into your life, bid goodbye to a sense of entrapment and call in new blessings – you MUST get rid of the old junk. Spiritually and scientifically (yes, neuroscientists have confirmed), de-cluttering is directly co-related to stress-busting and mental health. Organizing your home decreases the chaos in your mind and increases productivity. It gets the feel-good hormones flowing. And a clean home keeps pathogens at bay. Need I say more?

2) CHOOSE COLOURS & ART THAT UPLIFT YOU: Colours impact our mood in momentous ways. The colours and artwork you choose for your home can get the creative juices flowing, bring back happy memories, calm you… or throw your brain into chaos.

For example, red is known to get our blood pumping. So while flashes of red may work for creative studios or gyms where we could use the rush, it’s a bad idea for your bedroom since it’s conducive to restlessness. White, cream and green are the most soothing and relaxing. Yellow and orange can make you feel cheerful, vibrant and excited, while an overdose of the same colours can actually get frustrating. Too much of black, grey and blue can be depressing, while just the right amount can add a touch of class. Begin by defining your own energy and the personality you wish to build, then create a home that consciously supports this energy.

3) NATURE: It could be a bowl of sea-shells for your table or a picture of mountains on the wall. A balcony drenched in sunlight and wind or a few plants in your living space by the window. But nature is mandatory for balance and healing. Nature is part of our life-force. It is our primal instinct to find nourishment in nature. Let urbanization not steal this elemental aspect of existence from you. Bring greenery into your home to cleanse your lungs, clear your mind and refresh your space. Keep your home bright and well-lit, welcoming sunshine and fresh air!

4) ENERGIZE: Burn sage and incense to cleanse your home of negative energies. If you want scientific backing, burning herbs at home cleanses the air of harmful bacteria and virus. Use essential oils like lemongrass oil or lavender oil through diffusers or in wipes for a pleasant scent and energy upliftment. Mop your home with salt dissolved in water to cleanse the energy (and kill pathogens). A Himalayan salt lamp achieves the same.

5) LOVE: Respond with patience and love to your dear ones. Anger and suffering can load the home with negativity. Words of love can infuse each brick with healing. Laugh more, sing more, love more, chant more, meditate more, visualize your home filled with effulgent golden light… may every atom of air hold blessings and peace. Spend a few moments in gratitude for the roof over your head and the food on your table – for all the facilities your home offers you. This energy will come back to you tenfold.

Living in a positive space filled with love and vitality – can have a gargantuan influence on your body, mind and spirit. From your happiness levels to your creative performance, from your emotional state to your physical health, from your work performance to personal relationships – the energy of your home can impact everything. More so now that we have been delineated to our homes. Now is the time to dismantle all that drains your energy, and craft an edifice that expands your joy and well-being.

By Sindhujaa Kumar

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