7 Questions to Tap Into Your Power 

POWER is the ability to create your life as per your desires. Every soul is rich with power. By building a partnership with your soul, you can tap into that power. Here are some questions to explore, as you consider what you wish to create next: 1) What is your soul's true desire? What are you longing to create? 2) What are 5 specific actions you can take — how will you use your innate power — to bring your creation into the world? 3) Have you taken those actions yet? If not, why not? Who or what are you waiting for? Is it really necessary to wait? YOU HAVE POWER. Believe in yourself and try not depending on other people or circumstances to change. 4) What will improve — in you, in your life, in your world — as a result of taking those actions? 5) What resources do you need, in order to begin? Who are your allies? Who will accompany you, on the journey? Where can you reach out for support?

6) What are your fears around this change you are creating? Are they rational? What measures can you take to minimize risks? 7) Who will you be, when your creation is born and makes its way into the world? Are you willing to be this new person, in order to serve your evolving life? Share your responses in the comments, or in your own journal, if you wish. You can even reflect on them while taking a walk, in a relatively peaceful environment. 💛

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